Afternoon Links: Meditate on the Ephemerality of Internet Culture With This Iron Man Balloon Costume

Some days, there’s a cohesive theme to the afternoon links. Other days, like today, it’s difficult to find any overarching meaning within the knots of the giant ball of Internet we call “life.” N-words and doughnuts. Funky Winkerbean and pregnancy after 40. Ah, the rich texture of the world. How can we begin to understand it? It’s too complex! Everything is happening all at once! There is immediacy, confusion, and catfishing to be contended with! Why bother with the riddle? Why not take 10 hours of your life to wrangle 500 balloons into a puffy Iron Man costume instead? Two years ago, balloon artist Jeff Wright created a Buzz Lightyear outfit, but his feat was overlooked for a year until Toy Story 3’s director, Lee Unkrich, tweeted about it. If the most important thing about the Internet is immediacy, we have no choice but to celebrate Inflatable Man today. In these uncertain times, tomorrow is no guarantee. Float away, Jeff. Float into the mystery with your suit of balloons.

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