Afternoon Links: Whatever Happened to the Great Romances of Love Actually?

Love Actually is often hailed as the preeminent rom-com of our era. So why hasn’t there been a sequel? It might look a little disjointed, but it could work, no? Real fans won’t mind that Alan Rickman became a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and Andrew Lincoln became a postapocalyptic anti-zombie sheriff. True love lasts forever.

The post–Sacha Baron Cohen role of Freddie Mercury goes to … Ben Whishaw, of Skyfall and Cloud Atlas.

Check out every James Bond title card. [h/t]

This teenager is missing his legs and one arm, so he’s zombie-pranking people for Vine gold. (And someone started a petition to get him on The Walking Dead.)

Inside Llewyn Davis’s Oscar Isaac blessed Jimmy Fallon with a folk rendition of Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

Happy Endings will re-air on VH1 next year.

The boss at Columbia says “obviously, at some point Beyonce will put a record out, and when she does it will be monumental.” HOW ABOUT A RELEASE DATE, GUY?

Tosh.0 got renewed through 2016.

Here’s a wonderful medium-length read on the worst Harry Potter fanfic ever.

Key & Peele had a drink with Paul F. Tompkins. You’re invited to participate — quietly, and after the fact. [h/t]

Tweens are getting real racist about Lorde and her boyfriend.

Your amateur screenplay has some problems; here are all of them.

Khal Drogo (alias Jason Momoa) joins Batman vs. Superman (maybe that won’t be the real title, but I’m using it as long as I can, DWI) in an undisclosed role.

A very special interview with Britney Spears’s lyrics.

Ah, and a new Britney video, if you need a check-in in that department.

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