Afternoon Links: Is The Newsroom the Greatest Show on Television?

This one’s for Emily, whose Newsroom recaps are almost enough to make me dive back in — but not quite. Funny or Die has spoofed the opening scene of Sorkin’s most divisive show in “A Message to Aaron Sorkin,” allowing Luke Barnett (as Will McAvoy) to illustrate exactly why the show is un-sit-throughable to so many viewers who wish that it could only be good. We’re supposed to be content with snappy patter? “Sherlock has dialogue, Gilmore Girls has dialogue, House, Veronica Mars, even Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a zinger every now and again” [wait, “even”? GIVE BUFFY HER DUE]. The video also compares The Newsroom‘s Golden Globe nominations to “winning a most-improved award in your eighth grade math class.” Ouch.

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