Afternoon Links: Watch the Gravity Spinoff Short About Sandra Bullock’s Distress Call

Warner Bros. Gravity

Gravity SPOILERS herein, if you actually think the experience of watching the most immersive space movie ever can be ruined with a little plot point. So! The part where Sandra Bullock totally looks like a goner and finally gets someone on the radio, only to find the person doesn’t speak English? That dude was Aningaaq, the fellow for whom this seven-minute short film is named! Written and directed by Jonás Cuarón — who cowrote Gravity with his auteur papa — Aningaaq could wind up with an Oscar nomination, which THR says would mark “the first feature and spinoff short drawn from the same material to be nominated together in the same year.” Give the clip a shot — as gimmicky as it sounds, it’s poignant and works well on its own.

Lady Gaga’s Artpop is no. 1 on the Billboard 200, although just barely: She sold 258,000 units compared to Eminem’s second-week MMLP2 sales of 210,000.

De Niro/Scorsese crime flick alert: “I have another gangster film I’m gonna do with Scorsese and it’s a very interesting one,” Bobby says. “We’re preparing it. We have a script and Marty has another film he’s doing before so it won’t be for a while.”

Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito will play Frederick Douglass in Patriotic Treason, which he’ll also direct. Ed Harris will costar as abolitionist John Brown.

Muppets Most Wanted has a new trailer — something is definitely up with Kermit. Can’t wait for that Danny Trejo cameo, though.

Eddie Murphy has a music video featuring Eddie Murphy playing acoustic guitar.

Kevin Spacey gave Woody Allen a Netflix subscription in hopes of ending up in a Woody Allen film someday.

This is a pretty cool a cappella cover of “Royals.”

Channing Tatum tried the Van Damme split on the set of 22 Jump Street — sort of.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Not an easily decided contest.

Adele apparently really lent Wiz Khalifa some vocals.

George W. Bush brought his paintings to Leno — including one of Leno.

And check out Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth in the trailer for Devil’s Knot, about the West Memphis Three.

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