Afternoon Links: Community: Return of the King

The new Community trailer will give you glimpses of Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks and Justified’s Walton Goggins. It’ll nod at the #sixseasonsandamovie campaign. It’ll even joke about Donald Glover’s impending series exit. But what it does most spectacularly is show that Dan “The Man” Harmon is back, and he’s going to run this thing like Sauron. Get ready.

DIY Game of Thrones paper snowflakes! Eight houses available, try ’em all. [h/t]

Here’s hoping JJ’s Diner is as renowned as Central Perk 20 years from now.

South Park brought back Kanye.

RZA wrote a piano jam for Nelson Mandela. (That’s not him singing, though.) (And he doesn’t rap.) [h/t]

Britney Spears, like Yeezus before her, used 2013 to put out her worst-selling album ever, debuting at no. 4 with just 107,000 copies of Britney Jean.

Wired answers the important Hobbit question: Should dwarves stand up in floating barrels?

Comedians in Cars With Coffee has six new episodes starting January 2. And yes, that’s Louis C.K. you hear.

Frozen doesn’t just have Arrested Development references — there are Wreck-It Ralph and Mickey Easter eggs in there, too.

Showtime passed on the Ridley Scott–directed Vatican pilot starring Kyle Chandler and Anna Friel.

WTF podcast host and infamous non-preparing interviewer Marc Maron thought he was about to interview Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald; instead, director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, Marleyshowed up at his house. Maron just went with it.

This supercut hates Christmas. [h/t]

Pro-Christmas, on the other hand: This huge “Fairytale of New York” team-up on Fallon, featuring Glen Hansard, Iron & Wine, Kathleen Edwards, and Calexico. [h/t]

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