Afternoon Links: Chris Harrison, Guardian of Love

With all of the discussion in the past week about Sex and the City (see: Emily Nussbaum’s piece in The New Yorker, which spawned this response and some ongoing discussion), it seems fitting to examine the host of our currently airing love-for-sale vehicles, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Above, Chris Harrison proves that he’s the worst wingman ever, the kind of guy who can sow seeds of doubt in even the most optimistically romantic heart. *Ding ding,* that’s a fork on a champagne glass heralding the arrival of a love-squasher. Who’s going to throw together a SATC-Harrison mash-up in which he pops up to remind Carrie and her friends to ask the profound question, “Hmm, like what if?” I would totally watch Berger as a bachelor.

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