Afternoon Links: Call Off the Geek Mob — Justin Bieber Isn't in Batman vs. Superman

If you’re still genuinely upset about the Batfleck, well, I feel bad for you, son: The world isn’t done messing with your tender comic-fan heart, as proven by Justin Bieber Instagramming a photo of himself holding a Batman vs. Superman script (otherwise known as the Man of Steel sequel) with the most inflammatory hashtag: “#robin?” Obviously (for reasons outlined by ScreenRant, and also reasons you could probably supply with your own brain), it’s a fake, and likely relates to an upcoming Funny or Die skit Bieber recently shot. Think of this as your intensive training course in cinematic anger preparedness, and learn to alleviate your fury with repeated viewings of Batfleck tossing sandwiches into the back of the Good Will Batmobile, as seen above.

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