Afternoon Links: There Will Be Plenty of The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street will reportedly run at three hours, making it Scorsese’s longest movie. Speaking of The Wolf of Wall Street, you’re absolutely cheating yourself if you don’t watch this It’s a Wonderful Life mash-up. [h/t]

You wanna get a little sauced and do some Daft Punk karaoke, that’s fine. But Bono, the Edge, and Nile Rodgers did this version of “Get Lucky” at a (RED) auction in New York. (RED) is your thing, Brono! Bad look, man! Nile Rodgers, though, is 1,000 percent on point with those licks. And Bono throws to an amazing singer whose name I can’t hear at the two-minute mark. The most baffling thing of all may be that Bono is famous enough to not have to know all the lyrics to “Get Lucky.”

The Monty Python live reunion sold out in 43 seconds, so they added four more shows. Plus another’s in the works for L.A.

The Hollywood Reporter has a massive article detailing how frequently untrue the “no animals were harmed in the making of this film” claim is.

Busta Rhymes’s “Thank You” has a video. Yeezy, Weezy, Q-Tip are present.

Bradley Cooper will hump Louis C.K. in American Hustle.

Jennifer Lawrence, we celebrate your box office win with this marvelous GIF:

Oh, plus: Learn how Catching Fire got to drop two bleeped F-bombs and keep its PG-13 rating.

Nick Kroll stars in Thanksgivukkah, a useless movie that won’t actually exist only because so many others of its kind already do.

Clint Eastwood’s daughter marries Jonah Hill’s brother in Vegas, immediately wants an annulment.

Katie Couric is leaving ABC for Yahoo.

AMC ordered two pilots: Knifeman (18th-century London surgeon drama) and Galyntine (sci-fi/fantasy actioner about a technology-free future society).

And there’s a new Springsteen album, High Hopes, coming in January. Here’s the title track. [h/t]

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