Aaron Paul’s First Onscreen Kiss Was on 90210, As Romeo, With Donna Martin Creeping Nearby

… and it was awful. Last night, Jay Leno, in a vicious campaign to lose Aaron Paul an Emmy, exhumed the video and showed it to America. Paul dutifully cringed at the sight of his stilted delivery, with nary a “Nice clip, bitch!” tossed Leno’s way for the nausea-inducing trip in the career-wayback machine. It was not his first time at this particular rodeo.

But the worst part about it? Beverly Hills, 90210 was always operating on a Shakespearean level of drama; any star-crossed Donna Martin romance surpassed the most poignant moments in Romeo and Juliet. It’s almost obnoxious to rub such an obvious parallel in our faces like that.

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Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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