22 Jump Street Red-Band Trailer: Jonah Hill Only Does Movies With Flawless Trailers Now

It can be such a beautiful moment to see a trailer for the first time in theaters, remembering that this movie you knew was coming is, in fact, coming. (Or, better, learning about a movie’s existence for the first time in the moments before the main attraction.) But some trailers you’ve gotta see first at home. You need to familiarize yourself, prepare yourself. These trailers are like that new album’s massive song you’re suddenly dying to hear in public, preferably in an environment where dancing is acceptable and/or encouraged. You need to know how you’re going to move to that jam, to know how good this thing will be before you experience it in public. Same deal for 22 Jump Street’s red-band trailer. You have to be ready for it.

Channing Tatum and Jonah “Wolf of Wall Street, Wolf of Everything Cool, Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife” Hill are back as America’s closest mouth-fingering action-bros, along with Ice Cube and Nick Offerman and a new and surgically improved Rob Riggle. There’s nut-grabbing and skyward-pistol-blasting. There’s college. There’s an unspoken pact that Jenko and Schmidt will have another drug experience rivaling Roger Sterling’s Magical Mystery Tour. And there’s the bonus knowledge that between 21 Jump Street and the sequel, directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord found the time to make the frigging Lego Movie.

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