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  • Party Next Door

    What We Saw: On the private pleasures of amateur covers on YouTube.

  • We Went There: The Brooklyn Nets Say Good-bye to Jeffrey ‘Gamblero’ Vanchiro

    One of the Nets’ most visible fans, a former graffiti writer and professional gambler, took his own life over the weekend.

  • He Does the Recruiting: Cam’ron, Harlem, and High School Basketball Lies

    It’s a could-have-been that merges two movements for which New Yorkers claim a special relationship: basketball and hip-hop. The legend stretches back two decades. The New York City Public Schools Athletic League playoff semifinals took place on March 14, 1992, at Manhattan City College. Cameron “Cam’ron” Giles and Mason “Ma$e” Betha played for the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in East Harlem.

  • The Great Translator

    Meet the man who brings American talent to China’s rising professional basketball league.

  • The Branding of the Olympics

    Nobody wanted the 1984 Summer Olympics. But the success of the L.A. Games 30 years ago revitalized the possibilities of such global spectacles. We take it for granted nowadays that hosting something big, expensive, and complicated like the Olympics or World Cup is a desirable thing for cities and nations. In the late 1970s, though, the Olympics weren’t seen as profitable or peaceful.

  • Roger Goodell

    Sword and Shield

    Looking back on the NFL’s very bad year.

  • Kevin Garnett

    We Went There: Nets-Sixers With a Brooklyn Fan Who Happens to Be in Vampire Weekend

    “An expectation of defeat.” This was how my friend Chris explained his mind-set as a Nets fan in the 1990s — and they weren’t even that bad back then! He grew up in Imlaystown, New Jersey, equidistant from Philadelphia and New York, in that liminal space where you could probably convince yourself you shared more […]

  • Jason Kidd

    I Bought Brooklyn Nets Season Tickets in the Summer … I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

    There was no time to print new programs before last night’s game between the Nets and the visiting Nuggets: There, on page 28, was Lawrence Frank’s name, first among the six assistant coaches listed. Good-bye to all that. Just a few hours earlier, Frank had been reassigned from bench duties “to doing daily reports,” which […]

  • Johnnie To

    King of Hong Kong

    Johnnie To and the violent, inventive evolution of H.K. cinema.

  • Adam Curtis

    No Future: Filmmaker Adam Curtis Brings His Vision (and Massive Attack) to New York

    I knew this guy in college whose senior thesis involved setting up a TV in one of the most crowded buildings on campus and playing Faces of Death, a then-legendary videotape that collected scenes of real-life people meeting the gnarliest of ends — alligators, cannibals, falling from skyscrapers, the electric chair, a pistol to the […]

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