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  • Dr. V’s Magical Putter

    The remarkable story behind a mysterious inventor who built a “scientifically superior” golf club.

  • Al Michaels

    Announcing Has a Problem: The Most Annoying Tic in Broadcasting Today

    If you made an exhaustive list of all the sports announcers who drive fans crazy, Al Michaels would either settle in somewhere near the bottom or not show up at all. Michaels is generally beloved. In part because he co-announces the most polished three hours of sports broadcasting currently on the air. In part because […]

  • Brandt Snedeker

    Brandt Snedeker: The Easiest Guy to Root for in Golf

    Every fan has his or her own rules for why they do or don’t root for certain athletes. Sometimes those rules are as simple as “he plays for the team in the town where I grew up.” Sometimes they’re less simple — as a kid, Joe Montana was my favorite NFL quarterback because he won […]

  • Steve Stricker

    Shank: Golf’s Most Misused Word

    Today, 156 golfers from all over the world stepped on the first tee at Muirfield with hopes of winning the third major championship of the year. Somewhere in the back of their minds, they’ll also be hoping to avoid what Steve Stricker did on the last day of the previous major. It was something that […]

  • Miguel Cabrera

    Miguel Cabrera’s Best Hit of the Season

    While the rest of the baseball world is talking about the Miami doctor who’s agreed to talk, indulge me for a moment as I try to interest you in a home run that was hit three weeks ago. It was May 19. The Tigers versus the Rangers in Arlington, Texas. Top of the fifth. Miguel […]

  • Baylor

    Speed Up the Band: School Bands in the Age of the Hurry-Up Offense

    A few years ago Brian Britt realized he had to make a change. College football season was approaching, and he needed a new way to find out who was best equipped to lead his team. The pace of the game was speeding up, and the evidence was right in front of him. When Britt had […]

  • Marc Burch

    Why MLS Cracks Down on Homophobia Harder Than Any Other League

    Last Thursday, in the waning moments of the Seattle Sounders’ playoff victory over Real Salt Lake, left back Marc Burch was caught on camera calling an opposing Real player a “f—-t.” (Fair warning: Links to YouTube clips in this piece might not be suitable for your workplace.) The follow-up from Burch was immediate: a seemingly […]

  • Stan Van Gundy

    The Political Education of Stan Van Gundy

    This summer, after he was fired by the Orlando Magic, Stan Van Gundy, a man who’d spent the previous three decades keeping a basketball coach’s long hours, suddenly found himself with a lot of time on his hands. After his Orlando exit, Van Gundy and his wife didn’t want to leave Florida, where three of […]