Russell Westbrook Is Going to Be Russell Westbrook, Even If It Kills Him

Above you see Russell Westbrook blocking a George Hill shot and almost blowing up all the meniscuses he has left during yesterday’s Pacers-Thunder game. Fun fact: THIS HAPPENED DURING A TIMEOUT. Also? He did it twice! Once to Hill and once to Paul George. Russell Westbrook doesn’t give a fuhhhhhh about his knees, George Hill’s home court, Paul George’s confidence, Marquess of Queensberry rules, or anything else. Watch the whole thing:

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who think this is some punk behavior and those who think this furthers Westbrook’s case for becoming president. I am in the latter camp. You know who else I love? Kevin Garnett. You know who else used to block shots on timeouts like that? KEVIN GARNETT.

These two share a similar DNA that is part Kool-Aid Man, part asshole, a smidge of ancient warrior, and all heart.

The best thing about yesterday’s game was that Russell was matched up against the one person in the NBA who is absolutely as bat-shit nuts as he is: LANCE STEPHENSON. And what happened when these two collided? Russell punked Lance on his home ice and stared him down like he’d tried to beat him in 2K:

[protected-iframe id=”364d3277c7fabdc20fbec14b338e1411-60203239-7845236″ info=”” width=”400″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]

Lance had the last laugh, I guess. But this felt almost like a moral victory for the Thunder. It’s really going to suck when Russell Westbrook’s career ends because he tries to do finger guns and tears muscles in his wrist, but we will always have these glorious moments to savor.


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