‘OH. OH. OH. MAN’: Relive the Magic of Michael Snaer’s Buzzer-Beater

You remember this, right? BECAUSE MIKE KRZYZEWSKI SURE DOES. Boom, roasted. This is Florida State’s Michael Snaer, hitting the buzzer-beater in Cameron to lift the Seminoles to a 76-73 win over the Blue Devils in January.

Shane Ryan wrote about Snaer during the ACC tournament, where he was named MVP.

Ryan wrote:

Snaer, the Seminole guard who never plays a close game without making at least one huge shot, might be the most fascinating of all. Coach K praised him as the most competitive guy in the league, and in the postgame press conference after the Duke win, FSU coach Leonard Hamilton told stories about his work ethic. According to Hamilton, Snaer is the only guy he knows who swears at himself while taking foul shots, and who, if he makes 19 of 20, will kick the ball to the other side of the floor on his one miss. “And then he’ll get it himself,” Hamilton said.

At the same presser, Snaer admitted that his emotions get the better of him at times, and tried to downplay his competitiveness, giving credit to his teammates. FSU guard Luke Loucks interrupted him. “He’s the most competitive person I’ve ever met in my life,” Loucks said. “He hates to lose more than he likes to win.”


The Seminoles face St. Bonaventure at 2:45 p.m. Eastern on Friday.

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