Oh, Cool! An Unholy Derrick Rose Man-Beast T-Shirt

Rose ShirtWhy is it that as soon as I saw this NBA “Gameface” T-shirt, featuring Chicago Bulls point guard and groin-injury-sufferer Derrick Rose, I immediately thought of the “NOT THE BEES!” scene from Wicker Man? Maybe it’s just my particular worldview, but there is something disturbing about this motif, this mating of man … and mascot. Other horrifying entries include LeBron James/FACE ON FIRE, Zach Randolph/Grizzlyman, Brandon Jennings with ANTLERS and, most disturbingly, Kemba Walker/CAT-FACE. (Because how, in the name of all that is just, did Kemba Walker get his own T-shirt?)

Check ’em out here. Collect them all and then pray for your eternal soul.

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