July in Sports: By the Numbers

RingsHere’s a look at the numbers behind some of the biggest sports stories this past month. Send us suggestions for next month’s edition by tweeting at @michaelkruse with the hashtag #GrantlandStats.

What the 1948 London Olympics cost: $1.2 million.

Cost of the 2012 London Olympics as estimated by the British government in 2003: $3.7 billion.

The current estimate by the British government: $14.6 billion.

The estimate by an independent study: $37 billion.

Number of passengers — including Olympic athletes, officials, media members, and fans — expected to arrive at London’s Heathrow on July 16, breaking the airport’s one-day record: 237,290.

Time in hours it took a bus of arriving American athletes to go 23 miles from the airport to the Olympic village after the drivers got lost: 4.

Number of goats, cows, chickens, horses, and sheep, respectively, used in the July 27 Opening Ceremony: 2, 3, 10, 12, 70.

The first year the Opening Ceremony was televised: 1936.

Number of hours of coverage NBC showed in 1996 for the Olympics in Atlanta: 170.

Number of hours of coverage NBC is showing in these Olympics: 5,535.

The amount spent on security in 1972 for the Olympics in Munich: $2 million.

In 1976 in Montreal: $100 million.

This year in London (estimated): $1.5 billion.

The number of British military personnel involved in some security capacity at the London Olympics: 18,200.

Number of British military personnel used to fill empty seats at North Greenwich Arena this past Sunday: more than 50.

Number of unsold tickets to Olympic events 10 days before the Games: 700,000.

Cost of a ticket to opening sessions for table tennis and BMX biking finals: $31.

To the women’s swimming finals: $698.

To the opening and closing ceremonies: $3,119.

Percentage by which average game attendance in the NFL is down since 2007: 4.5.

Average NFL game ticket price in 2008: $72.20.

Last year: $77.34.

What it costs now on average to park your car at an NFL game: $25.77.

To buy a beer: $7.20.

What the NFL will make from TV rights fees from 2014 to 2022, more than any other league anywhere in the world: $27.9 billion.

Number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers the NFL has: 9.46 million.

Number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers the UFC has: 9.64 million.

Percentage of people who say they would be more likely to buy a certain brand because it’s mentioned by an athlete on a social media site: 53.

Percentage of Hispanics 18 to 34 years old who say that: 66.

Followers on Twitter during Euro2012 for @EinAugenschmaus, a German deaf woman who tweeted the on-field discussions of Germany’s players and coaches, which she lip-read: 24,084.

Number of mentions of the Opening Ceremony made on Twitter last Friday, more tweets than in the entire Beijing Olympics in 2008: 9.66 million.

Number of athletes at the Olympics banned from the Games by the fourth day of competition for racist tweets: 2.

The University of Florida’s projected athletic budget for the upcoming academic year: $97.5 million.

What University of Florida coaches get if their teams have an 85 percent graduation rate: $4,000.

Number of people who covered SEC football media days in Alabama: 1,100.

The amount of the fine the NCAA ordered Penn State to pay because of the Jerry Sandusky scandal: $60 million.

The amount of donations Penn State received over the last fiscal year, the second-highest amount ever collected by the school: $208.7 million.

The projected revenue of the fantasy sports industry by 2017: $1.7 billion.

Percentage by which NBC’s ratings for the Opening Ceremony in London were up from the Opening Ceremony in Beijing: 13.

The average number of people who watched NBC in prime time the first three days of the Games in Beijing: 30.6 million.

The first three days of the Games in London: 35.8 million.

Number of the more than 200 million Americans who watched at least parts of the Beijing Olympics who had never watched an NFL game: 69 million.

What NBC is paying for the TV rights in London: $1.181 billion.

What NBC will pay to televise the Olympics from 2014 to 2020: $4.38 billion.

What the U.S. Olympic Committee pays athletes for winning bronze, silver, and gold medals, respectively: $10,000; $15,000; $25,000.

Amount in prize money and bonuses 17-year-old gold-medal-winning swimmer Missy Franklin of Colorado already has left on the table to maintain her “amateur” status so she can swim in college: $115,000.

Estimated number of “brand police” whose job is to cover logos and monitor social media during the Olympics in London: 250.

Record number of free condoms made available at the Olympic village: 150,000.

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