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Jalen Rose

“Got to give the people / Give the people what they waaaaaaaaaaaant.”

Confession time: I have no idea what song that is from, or who sings it, or what it even sounds like. As far as I know, Jalen made it up when we taped our first podcast weeks ago. Here is what I do know: It makes me happy, because it marks the start of the weekly journey that is the Jalen Rose podcast.

This week we rocked out with our lockout. Now that it is over, we could really dig deep into free agency, rumors, and whether Jalen has a fresh crop of suits to wear on ESPN. Jalen also broke down why he thinks players should have the option to go directly from high school to the pros, why Ndamukong Suh stomped on people, and why Tim Tebow may not be the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL.

If nothing else, have listen to hear what Jalen would tell Kris Humphries if he were in the Nets locker room.

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