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Rajon Rondo Look, aside from the Clippers/Grizzlies series, Round 1 of the NBA playoffs is pretty much a wrap. With that in mind, Jalen and I looked ahead and previewed the potential (by potential I mean very-soon-to-be actual) second-round match-ups. In addition to the usual astute analysis, entertaining delivery and off-key singing Jalen always provides, this week he was in an educational mood. He gave the people a lesson on how to develop as a basketball player for anyone that thinks that could grow to be taller than 6-foot-9, a lesson on his counter-intuitive approach guarding a player like Rajon Rondo and a lesson on how to handle women on the road for young NBA players. Oh yeah, we also spent about 10 minutes talking about Justin Bieber’s new role as Money Mayweather’s belt boy. Methinks you will enjoy this one.

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