Can Gerald Green Dunking on People Be the Pacers’ New Offense?

I’m going to have to run this by Zach Lowe, but I think this one has legs … or at the very least booster rockets. Indiana beat Cleveland in a GAH IT’S ALMOST THE SEASON preseason matchup last night. Gerald Green was +20 in 29 minutes of playing time. I think, when you look at it from a different angle, it’s 58 minutes of playing time, because when he’s going full #REDBULLSTRATOS like that, time slows down considerably. This comes just a week after the infamous Hansbrough-oop. Frank Vogel, take out your white board; now throw it on the ground, now put on a pair of aviators, dial up some Loggins, and give Gerald Green the thumbs-up. That’s your new offense. Deuces.

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