An Artist’s Rendering of What J.J. Watt Could Look Like Next Season

Warner Bros./Grantland Illustration Pacific Rim

J.J. Watt just completed one of the more impressive seasons by a defensive football player in NFL history. You don’t need us to tell you what he did. You can just read Mays’s LiveJournal for a refresher course. We’re here to talk about the future. When asked to look ahead to his forthcoming third season in the league, Watt said, “My second year is not going to be my best year in the NFL. I can promise you that.” Which begs the question: WORD?! Above is an artist’s (or, really, Mark Lisanti’s) rendering of what J.J. Watt will look like in the 2013-14 NFL campaign. Don’t worry, people of Earth. When the Kaiju rise from the crevices of the ocean to destroy us, J.J. Watt will be there to cancel the apocalypse.

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