A Couple of Things About LeBron James Booster-Rocketing Into Orbit Above Al Horford

1. Al Horford is like, Oh, I got this.


1a. And then he’s like …


2. As my coworker Sean just mentioned, we should probably put LeBron on 12-foot rims at this point.

3. Love Horford’s little clap at the end there. Like, as if it’s just an “Ah, man, forgot to put Broadcast News back in the mail to Netflix.” No, Al, a space shuttle just took off in your face. You can feel bad about it.

4. To all my Flight-heads out there, how amazing would it be if LeBron was just like, “Say Trevor’s name into the box!” as he elevated past Horford? Pretty amazing, right? Guys? You still there?

5. Beyoncé.

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