Tyrese Is Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire

There was no way to see this coming. But it happened. Tyrese Gibson: hip-hop’s first billionaire.

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But how?

It was announced yesterday that Apple is in talks to purchase headphone/music giant Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion. Make sense now? Awesome.

To celebrate, he taped a hangout session with rapper/businessman Dr. Dre. And what a time they had.


Tyrese begins by talking about Tyrese, saying, “It’s not often you get to listen to Beats with Mr. Beats himself.” Dr. Dre agrees.

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An ecstatic Tyrese then says, “Oh shit,” a few times and Dre responds with, “I like what you’re doing man,” presumably referring to the act of becoming a Tyrese-billionaire. Dre follows that with, “Tyrese in this motherfucker.”

Because what a day for Tyrese, hip-hop’s first billionaire.

Tyrese then admits he and/or Dre is “drunk off Heineken” (which seems appropriate considering his recent fortune), slurs his words a bunch, says “another level” (of wealth, apparently), and then barks “Billionaire Boys Club, for real, homie.”

Tyrese can’t stop smiling, and it makes sense. Because he’s a billionare now.

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Tyrese (backed by Dre) then alerts the world that “the Forbes list just changed.” Because last time, there was no Tyrese. But that’s the past. Because Black-Ty is a billionaire now. More Forbes thoughts from Tyrese:

“It came out like two weeks ago, they need to update the Forbes list. Shit just changed.”

The ever-supportive Dre follows that with, “In a big way.”

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Dre continues, almost giving Tyrese a toast of sorts.

“The first billionaire in hip-hop.”

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“Right here from the motherfucking West Coast. Believe it.”

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This speech excites Tyrese, and he can no longer remain humble. So he proceeds to C-walk in a way only a billionaire can pull off.

Despite ending the clip by berating all other nonbillionaires, it’s fine. He gets a pass. Because it’s his day. The day Tyrese just became a billionaire.

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