The Simpsons Breaks Out a Breaking Bad Couch Gag

On this coming Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, the couch gag will pay homage to the “Crystal Blue Persuasion” montage from September’s midseason finale of Breaking Bad. Wait. September? Really? It’s been that long since we’ve had any new Breaking Bad? This has to be a mistake. Only network monsters would cut a final season in half and make us wait … sweet Heisenberg wandering in the desert, three more months! to get some resolution to a journey that began five years ago.

The original montage is below, for those who want to be crushed by unexpected nostalgia and/or fact-check the accuracy of the animated interpretation and/or grind their teeth down to dust with anticipation of the series’ last eight episodes ever:

Breaking Bad // ‘Crystal Blue Persuasion’ Montage from Jay Parmar on Vimeo.

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