The Nine Most Thrilling Wig Moments of Phil Spector

HBO Phil Spector

We’re going to be honest about this: We sat through David Mamet’s Phil Spector last night for the hair and only for the hair. And so did you. (People who might argue, disingenuously, with this assertion: David Mamet fans, Al Pacino fans, blood-spatter-forensics fans, who were in for a giant treat.)

But if you didn’t watch it — probably because you were watching The Walking Dead, a show whose hair-design value is questionable at best — here are Spector’s most thrilling wig moments, presented more or less chronologically and without commentary. (Well, that’s not entirely true: Each meticulously realized hairpiece is itself an incisive commentary on eccentric menace, written in volumizer and keratin.)

The Front and the Back: An Appetizer

The Shag’s Advocate

The Trophy Room

The Two-Tone Poodle

Taking It Down a Notch

A Permanent Rage

Not Even Really Trying

Sneak Preview

Full Glory

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