The Joys of Nelly on an Infinite Loop


We live in the best of times. Never forget that.

Reason #192: Bay Area radio station Latino Mix 105.7 (soon to be rebranded as Hot 105.7) began looping Nelly’s classic weather-induced strip anthem “Hot in Herre” around 3 p.m. Friday. It is now Monday. And they’re still looping “Hot in Herre.” Yes, that’s almost three days straight of secrets that prevent you from leaving Cancún. Over 60 straight hours of Vokál tank tops and reflection-checking. After about 10 straight listens, there’s the occasional commercial, but then — again — more talk of kiddin’ like Jason. Just incredible.

Radio stunts like this have happened in the past (see: Toronto’s Indie 88.1, which Rickrolled an entire metropolis for a full week), but few have been as enjoyable as #Nelly1057. Because after only 45 listens, “Hot in Herre” becomes impeccable white background noise. You don’t even realize what’s happening to your ears. You’re not even giggling anymore when the song ends and, instead of going into Nellyville track 4, “Dem Boys,” you’re hit — yet again — with that familiar drum, followed by the even-more-familiar Nelly whine-croon of “Hot ehhhhhnnnnn …” Like I said, these are the best of times.

If you’d like to listen to the station play this in real time, feel free to enter the void. It’s still happening. And it’s glorious.

And if you’d like to transport yourself to 3 p.m. Friday and experience what it’s like to listen to the loop from the beginning, here’s a playlist I curated.

It’s “Hot in Herre” 10,000 times. Who knows how long this radio loop will go, so just to be safe, this is 633 hours of “Hot in Herre.” You know, just to be safe.

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