The Bourne Legacy Trailer: Jeremy Renner Is Your New Favorite Amnesiac Killing Machine

So Matt Damon, for at least the time being, has bowed out of the Bourne series of amnesiac-spy thrillers in which he single-handedly popularized the use of the Yellow Pages as an improvisational instrument of bludgeoning death, to chase his somewhat less exotic dreams of buying a zoo/communing with the deceased/turning doorknobs in the wrong direction while wearing magic hats. Replacing him — though not as Jason Bourne; Damon might change his mind and come back at some point — is Jeremy Renner, who, after seemingly being tossed the keys to the IMF’s buggy latex mask machine in Ghost Protocol and accepting the impossible mission of following Tom Cruise’s weird torso, has quickly ascended from Hollywood’s Shady Best Friend to Hollywood’s Franchise Handoff Guy. (This doesn’t even consider his role in Marvel’s all-in crossover Avengers universe, where his “superpower” is being an Olympic-level archer. Count on Tony Stark having some wise-ass things to say about Leather Daddy Robin Hood.)

Here’s a minute and a half of what the next, Renner-led Bourne chapter is going to look like. Like all modern action trailers, it includes the mandatory, portentous, Inception-style 500-tubas-farting-in-unison suspense-blasts, but Renner otherwise delivers on what we’re looking for in a post-Damon killing machine. He’s really not going to be thrilled with Albert Finney when he eventually gets his memory back.

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