What Makes the Perfect ‘SNL’ Band Member?

Right off the bat, this comedy short from Low Times podcast host/friend of Grantland Daniel Ralston tells us that Lorne Michaels’s picky sketch institution isn’t looking for any Girls in Hoodies to join the Studio 8H crew. Onward to bewildered comedian D.C. Pierson, then, who does his best to keep up with awkward, specific instructions from Aimee Mann and Andy Kindler. Sometimes you’ve just gotta hold your bass and chuckle convincingly when the host says a horrible thing.

Check out this preview of a Stephen King art show starting today at L.A.’s Hero Complex Gallery. There’s a spectacular piece where Pennywise, prom-night Carrie, Uncle Stevie, Jack Torrance, and Annie Wilkes all crowd around a Ouija board.

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss signed on for two more seasons.

LACMA held a read-through of Groundhog Day. Jason Bateman played Phil Connors, Stephen Tobolowsky reprised Ned Ryerson. They read an early version of the script that came with a few surprises, like that Phil really was stuck in that loop for 10,000 years.

A full list of Record Store Day offerings. [via]

Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera cast its first African American Phantom.

What Rick Ross’s “The Devil Is a Lie” video lacks in Jay Z, it makes up for in flaming garbage barrels. [via]


HBO might bring back Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback. It had one season in 2005.

Andy Serkis, the mo-cap hero who portrayed Gollum and King Kong and played second unit director on The Hobbit trilogy, will make his directorial debut on Warner Bros.’ The Jungle Book.

We have a poster for NBC’s Zoe Saldana–starring Rosemary’s Baby.

They probably decided not to use these Gravity posters after realizing it was a bad idea to give people heart attacks before they even entered the theater.

When it’s time to party, we will model hard (model hard).

Azealia Banks is over it: She’s gonna leak her forever-delayed album on April 15.

And the Divergent sequel, Insurgenthas a green light.

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