Rick Ross and David Copperfield: Poof! There Go Your Minds

Yesterday afternoon, radio personality Miss Info’s blog shared this fun fact:

All the streetwear folks and rappers are over in Vegas for the Magic convention.

Immediate confusion. Rappers in Vegas, yes. That always makes sense. But all the rappers and fashion people in Vegas … for a Magic* convention? I simply couldn’t follow. Call it ignorance on my end, but I just had no clue Jeremy Scott and YMCMB were into The Gathering like that.

And then this surfaces:

It’s Rick Ross. In Vegas. What say you, Rozay?

This is a motherfucking icon.

Oh, OK, Ross is about to bring someone out. My guess? Jay. Or Eminem. Maybe Dre? He is on the West Coast.

In his field, he’s the greatest that ever did it.

Oh, so, not a rapper. Someone from another field. I hope it’s not LeBron; that’s just too aggressive of a tagline to give King James. Maybe it’s Jordan. He is in the gambling capital of the world, after all. I’m sure they ran into each other a few hours earlier.

So I want you to drop that music at the same time, let’s go.

I’m pumped.

Poof, there go the car.
Poof, there go the crib.
Poof, a hundred mil.

Ah, that’s why the video is titled “Copperfield.” This is the hook from the Rick Ross–assisted Meek Mill song “Black Magic”.

I can’t believe Michael Jordan is about to walk out to “Black Magic.” Or what if it was Magic Johnson? Black Magic Johnson. This is going to be great.

Oh, okay. It’s actually David Copperfield.

That’s golden. And to make it even better, all these dudes onstage are chanting “David Copperfield,” while David Copperfield stands there, nodding his head in approval. This is his “God Save the Queen” Opening Ceremony moment.

And then they start hugging.

Rick Ross and David Copperfield are hugging. Tyga loves it.

This the legend, y’all make some noise for David Copperfield one time.

David gestures to the crowd and starts to walk off, but then realizes this will assuredly never happen again, so he returns to his Rozay to get more pictures.

Rappers and illusionists: Is this the next great frontier? I think it might have to be; all other options have been exhausted. I mean, we know Ross loved it:

Salute, legend. Thank you.

And apparently, so did David:


*Sources say The Magic Convention has nothing to do with Magic: The Gathering, but is, in fact, a wildly popular bi-annual fashion convention, and, apparently, in recent years rappers and illusionists alike have found out about said event and are now turning it into their own playground. So yeah, less Gathering, more not forgiving.

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