The Red-Band Trailer for ‘The Interview’ Has Many Laughs, Zero Diplomacy

You like James Franco and Seth Rogen just cussin’ and being bros? You like Pineapple Express and This Is the End and Freaks and Geeks and all bits of Franco/Rogenabilia? The Interview (a.k.a. the film we could go to war with North Korea over) looks like a good bet. The first trailer was pretty convincing, but sometimes you’ve just gotta let some bros go red band.

Speaking of Franco/Rogenabilia: These same guys popped out of a cake for Jimmy Fallon’s 40th birthday.

Kanye and his new haircut are fulfilling community service by teaching at L.A. Trade Technical College.

$6.2 BILLION later, Broadway’s Lion King is the top-grossing theatrical production of all time.

Happy Friendsaversary: This Windows ’95 “Cyber Sitcom” stars Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. [via]

Bryan Singer will direct X-Men: Apocalypse.

Kenan Thompson is reportedly leaving SNL after this season. (Or not!) He’s been there since like 1975.

New, tiny Better Call Saul promo!

Jada Pinkett Smith will be in Magic Mike XXL.

Lost eyeball quiz!

A teaser for South Park’s 18th season.

Everyone’s still hating on Lauryn.

No fewer than three New York Times editors were like “yeah that [unbelievably screwy] Shonda Rhimes article is fine, run it, sweet.”

And Apple is shutting down Beats Music.

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