Ray J’s ‘I Hit It First’ Video: Just As Meaningless As Any Other Firstie

Hey, everyone! Did you know that singer/songwriter/Brandy-brethren/I-guess-famous-person Ray J once slept with definitely-famous-unfortunately person Kim Kardashian? Without opening Wikipedia, wanna take a guess at how many years ago that was? Here, watch this short film while doing a little mental math and racking your brain for all the garbage that takes up the place where you should be retaining information about Monsanto or whatever, and then click below for the answer.

Six years! It was six years ago. That’s long ago enough that Kim Kardashian’s tweenage fans may not even remember its impact. Thank god for the power of music, film, Kim K look-alikes, and ghost Kim K look-alikes for providing us with this vivid reminder. Mostly, thank Ray J, who hopefully can write off that Tron Bentley rental as a charitable contribution, a completely unnecessary yet still poignant reference point that provided thousands of us this morning with a proper scale for the rest of the day’s events.

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