Prince Continues to Own Twitter, Releases Magical Chappelle Pancake Cover Art for New Single

You know what’s too easy for Prince? Twitter’s too easy for Prince. He’s been on there, what, like six days? Within three tweets, he was phonetically saladgramming. Then while we were still trying to figure how much pepper is 2 much pepper, he took it up a level and invented the smokesie. Where would he go next? Tweeting in a language consisting entirely of custom-designed emoji? Embroidering each tweet on a frilly lace cravat, then hopping on the back of a flying purple tiger to hand-deliver them to every follower?

Nope. He knows he has to build to that. So instead he just served up a piping hot stack of Chappellecakes yesterday. Breakfast can wait. Prince’s Twitter domination cannot.

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Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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