New Emmys Promo: Two Meth Dealers and a Vice-President Walk Into a Pawn Shop

The golden age of TV may be on the decline, but the platinum age of sneak peeks and bonus material is still going strong, and now the Emmy Awards themselves are getting in on the action. They’ve enlisted 2014 nominees Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus for a promo sketch/Pawn Stars parody bound to get you all hyped up for next Monday’s award show. And as you can imagine from those three names alone, it is delightful!

One question, though: How long until the Academy starts giving awards for award show promos, and would this six-minute clip count as a TV movie or a miniseries? (Probably movie; I’d expect this 20-minute James Franco–hosted multipart VMA promo to pick up the latter.) Not that we have anything to complain about, with three of the most beloved small-screen stars of the past few years trading inside jokes. The TL;DR verison (if you’re at work and this is, indeed, TL): Louis-Dreyfus needs to sell her Emmy to buy a private island (just like Celine Dion!), Walter White is crushin’, and Jesse Pinkman holds a puppy. The multiple fan-servicey victory laps the Breaking Bad duo (especially Paul) have engaged in since the show wrapped have suffered from mildly diminishing returns, but this one is pretty silly and likable, pitting their madcap chemistry (sorry) against Louis-Dreyfus’s Selina-mode bluster. It’s easy to assume this will air at some point during Monday’s telecast; if you memorize it now you’ve won yourself an extra bathroom break.

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