MICHAEL B. JORDAN FLAME ON: The Half-Second in the ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer You Should Be Excited About

Stretch it out, Mister Fantastics. The Fantastic Four trailer is here, with all the attendant Creeping Nolanisms: tickled ivory piano notes, Reg E. Cathey subbing for Michael Caine (I WON’T BURY ANOTHER BATMAN), panoramic overhead shots of City X, scientific experiments that could push humanity forward or bring it to its knees, dorks who become heroes that rise, etc.

This one goes out to all my true Josh Trank/Chronicle heads, though.

There is one shot, really just one second, in this whole Fantastic Four trailer that should have you beating on your chest like a crazy person. You ready?


YEAH. LONG ANGLE, NATURAL LIGHTING, REALISTIC SUPERPOWERS … WHATEVER THAT MEANS. That’s Michael B. Jordan ON FIRE. I think it’s fair to say the Fantastic Four doesn’t have the same grip on the hearts and minds of comic-book fans that, say, the X-Men do. But that’s OK. This reboot of one of the more derided franchises of Hollywood’s superhero era has one thing going for it: Trank is a legitimately exciting director — one who has cited David Cronenberg’s Scanners and The Fly as influences on his Fantastic Four — and based on this trailer alone, it looks like 20th Century Fox let him make this movie his way. Or maybe it didn’t! Either way, I am excited to see Vince Howard flame on.

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