Justin Bieber Has Us in the Palm of His Hand in the New ‘Beauty and a Beat’ Music Video

While I accept and respect #ThePowerOfBieber in these troubled times, I’ll admit I’ve never exactly understood it on a personal level. It’s like knowing that there are entire cultures who consider insects a major food group in a non–Fear Factor context — I don’t hate it, but I feel like it has very little to do with me and my personal journey. But this new “found footage” music video for “Beauty and a Beat” (which as far as I know has nothing to do with Beauty and the Beast, the new Worst Show On The CW that premiered mere hours before it) might be my late-in-the-game Come To Bieber moment. It finally just stopped being summer here in Los Angeles, and now all I really want is for it to be 100 degrees again so I can be carried through a water park by a charismatic 18-year-old boy singer and occasionally set down to watch him and his friends dance in a wave pool. This is like a totally awesome church youth group summer field trip that Nicki Minaj also happens to be at. Am I selling this correctly?

Whatever. Long term, I don’t know if this video really changes my am-Bieber-valence, but it’s fantastic, and you should watch it.

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