Jeff Goldblum (and Tim and Eric) Would Like to Sell You Some Fancy Lightbulbs

Remember when celebrities used to hide their product-endorsement shame in Europe and Asia? Those were dark times. But now we are truly living in the Golden Age of famous people we like and respect openly attempting to sell us stuff in America. Here, Jeff Goldblum and Tim and Eric team up to give us two exquisite minutes of mildly absurdist lightbulb salesmanship. Maybe it’s not Rust Cohle moving Lincolns, but it’s still not bad.

Keegan-Michael Key and Regina Hall join the cast of the Vacation reboot. Plot: the same as Vacation, but this time Ed Helms and Christina Applegate are going to Wally World.

Magic Mike XXL details! Donald Glover’s in it. Elizabeth Banks is in it. And, uh, Michael Strahan is in it! Watch Michael Strahan tell you all about it! And make you uncomfortable about his casting with his substandard sexy dancing!

From the C.K. Curio Cabinet: three-hour Sirius show from 2007 in which he dispenses some advice.

Three-breasted hoaxter kept a teenage sex slave in a dog cage, and maybe or maybe not carved stuff into his chest? Who knows with this person? She seems not the most reliable sort.

Zach Braff is directing a dark comedy pilot, Self-Promotion, for MTV. This dark comedy pilot for MTV will change your life, etc. etc.

An editor on Modern Family live-tweeted some not-nice-seeming lady’s drunken, in-flight meltdown. Fun times.

The guys who made the gone-way-too-soon Enlisted are remaking Big as an event series for Fox.

That time Jennifer Love Hewitt heard that Matt Damon didn’t have a bed, so she sent him a bed, what, doesn’t everybody do that with their famous friends they don’t actually know?

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