The James Brown Biopic Has a Trailer and the Real Music

Chadwick Boseman, who played Jackie Robinson in last year’s poorly executed 42, is continuing his biopic rampage with Get On Up. It’s the James Brown movie that’ll say the word “funk” a dozen times for every white man involved in bringing it to the screen (three on the script, one — Tate Taylor of The Help — behind the camera)! But damn, with the actual James Brown songs plus Boseman’s seemingly dynamite impression, we might end up with a film worthy of its legendary subject matter. (Food for thought, too: The first draft had 30 performance scenes.)

Captain America 3 and the motion picture sometimes referred to as Batman vs. Superman are hitting theaters on the same day in May 2016. Don’t fight, dad and dad and dad! Especially when people are rushing to place bets on the winner this quickly!


In case you missed it and haven’t been able to pinpoint that hole in your heart where joy should have been: Louie returns for Season 4 on May 5 after a bleak 19 months off the air. There’ll be two back-to-back episodes each week for seven weeks.

Le1f performed on Letterman, which is awesome for Le1f, for Letterman, for YouTube, for the world, for the psychosphere.

Kristen Bell isn’t against the idea of doing the Broadway version of Frozen.

Nothing Was the Same (About Drake’s Big Ol’ Smile Ever Again).

Hannibal Buress’s Unemployable just got a 10-episode order at Comedy Central. Per Buress, it’s “just me doing different jobs, a comedian version of Dirty Jobs. So it’s just me working at a goat farm, I worked at a diner, I worked as a fortune teller — just me doing different jobs and then we recorded standup with me talking about these jobs at the Knitting Factory.”

Want to read a couple thousand of J.K. Rowling’s words about the history of the Quidditch World Cup? You can.

Lorde could’ve toured with Katy Perry but was like “meh.”

J.K. Simmons is doing the new Terminator. What if it were J.K. Rowling, though?

The Grand Budapest Hotel comes with specific projection instructions. (None of which say you have to wear a bespoke bow tie before removing the film.)

And now to send you all out for a happy and healthful weekend:

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