Increasingly Busy ‘True Detective’ Director Cary Fukunaga Signs Up for ‘Noble Assassin’

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Damn, True Detective–related news, you just won’t quit, will you? Deadline reported Tuesday that Scott Silver (The Fighter, 8 Mile) has been tapped to write the screenplay for Noble Assassin, to which Cary Fukunaga is attached as director. I call this Carcosa-adjacent. Noble Assassin was optioned by DreamWorks when it was just a wee proposal last August, fresh from writer Paul Kix’s brain and months before it was set to hit the Frankfurt Book Fair. Noble Assassin is based on the true story of Robert de La Rochefoucauld (described as “James Bond before there was a James Bond”), a French aristocrat who joined the British Special Operations Executive during World War II after his father was imprisoned by Nazis.

De La Rochefoucauld died in 2012, and his New York Times obituary served as inspiration for Kix — understandably so, because it includes the following sentence: “his exploits were legend, involving an eclectic and decidedly resourceful collection of tools in the service of sabotage and escape, including loaves of bread, a stolen limousine, the leg of a table, a bicycle and a nun’s habit, not to mention the more established accouterments of espionage like parachutes, explosives and a submarine.” He was tortured and escaped execution twice, once by jumping out of a truck and once when other Resistance members swooped to his assistance. Those parachutes I referenced above? They were deployed more than once.

So yeah, sick pitch there, Mr. Kix. After the proposal was optioned, a former colleague at D Magazine recounted the story of how Kix went about forming his proposal: He purchased a $200 copy of de La Rochefoucauld’s memoir from a French publisher, found it to be written in French (“Paul don’t parler Français”), and entered the whole text — which is 150 pages — into Google Translate. Now we must all ask ourselves why we don’t go about our lives more like James Bond, since everyone else seems to be doing it with such good results.

Even though Noble Assassin couldn’t sound more promising if it parachuted out of the sky trailing sparklers, it may pose complications for Fukunaga’s other commitments, several of which are also highly anticipated. He will remain as an executive producer on True Detective Season 2, though he won’t direct, and Noble Assassin may have pushed his remake of Stephen King’s It (I AM VERY EXCITED FOR IT, JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT) down a notch on the priority ladder. Last month, producer Dan Lin indicated that It would be Fukunaga’s next project after Beasts of No Nation (which Fukunaga is both adapting and directing), but now Pennywise may have to hang out in his gloomy sewer a bit longer than expected. There’s only one solution to this dilemma: We need to create an extra Fukunaga. If one man can escape death twice and pass as a nun, anything is possible.

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