Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: White House Down, Summer Movie Fatigue, and Ray Donovan

White House DownThis week on the pod, Andy and I got our NPR voices on and (in a whisper) tried to figure out why this season’s summer movies have been so dang loud. With White House Down underperforming at the box office, we wondered whether audiences are experiencing some destruction fatigue. Maybe they want to go back to a kinder, gentler time, when Diane Lane spoke with a terrible Boston accent and George Clooney led Mark Wahlberg into The Perfect Storm. Or maybe they just would rather watch Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. That could be in play, as well.

We ended our chat with a quick look at Showtime’s new drama, Ray Donovan. Shout-out to a high Jon Voight dancing in the club, but neither of us were particularly transfixed by this tale of a Hollywood fixer. You can’t win ’em all.

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