Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: The Workaholics Guys

The third season of Comedy Central’s Workaholics opens with the show’s three protagonists, Blake (Blake Anderson), Anders (Anders Holm), and Adam (Adam DeVine), acid-proofing their house in preparation for a hallucinogenic drug binge. And since then, things have only gotten weirder.

The trio behind Workaholics have taken the basic premise of three bros who live and party together in Rancho Cucamonga, California, while also working together at a soul-crushing telemarketing job, and taken it about further than anyone could have imagined. After two seasons of hunting expeditions, office sleepovers, Beer Olympics, aborted trips to the Jamaican sex resorts, and unstoppable amounts of swag, the third season has somehow gotten more perverse, more unique, and even more hysterical.

Blake, Adam, and Anders dropped by the Grantland studios to talk about the show’s beginnings as a weekend passion project, as well as their pre-Workaholics lives of starring in Taco Bell ads and swimming in Junior Nationals with Michael Phelps. We also talked about the future of the show (it’s been picked up for two more seasons), how much of their characters are based on their own lives, and the non-Workaholics film they are beginning to work on. I don’t know what the podcast of getting swole with it is, but this is pretty close.

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