Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: The Beastie Boys, The Avengers, Your Sunday Shows, and More

We began this week’s podcast on a somber note, remembering the life, music, and influence of Adam Yauch (1:00), a man whose eclectic taste, in my partner Chris Ryan’s words, basically was the Internet for a generation of ‘90s teens. Then it was back to the present day to consider the wild success of The Avengers (9:40) and the unexpected pleasures of The New Girl (18:45), which ends its first season tonight. We also did our regular roundup of Game of Thrones (26:25) and Mad Men (34:15), focusing on how the characters are knocked around violently on both shows, though it’s by generational shifts in the latter and giant, neck-hacking broadswords on the former. What was meant to be a shout-out to Meek Mill’s new mixtape (42:45) quickly devolved into a dissertation on last week’s bizarre Rick Ross press conference (and his even more bizarre promotion of the eminently forgettable Walé), but we got it together long enough for the next entry in our Double Down Book Club: Papa Bear himself, James Crumley (48:44). We talked up his masterpiece, The Last Good Kiss, as well as his nuttiest fever dream, Bordersnakes. All told, we learned some very important lessons this week. For instance, two nostrils full of illegal drugs won’t necessarily treat a broken nose — at least not medically — and when in doubt, never (never!) ask Walé a question. Class dismissed!

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