Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Summer Songs, Pacific Rim, and Orange Is the New Black

Pacific RimOn this week’s pod, Andy and I finally get around to the serious business of breaking down 2013’s summer jams. It’s been a long time coming … so long that summer is almost over. But when you hear our debate you’ll understand why we’ve been dragging our feet. Other than the two pop disco kaiju that roam our land — “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” — it’s anyone’s ballgame. So we looked to some slightly obscure corners for summer heat, tapping Chance The Rapper, Migos, Vampire Weekend, Superchunk, and Travi$ Scott as candidates for the president of let’s get this party started. Most of the songs are on this playlist:

Except, of course, the one we both agreed on, Superchunk’s delirious “Me and You and Jackie Mittoo,” which you can listen to below.

At about the 22:00 mark, we talk about what might be the most entertaining new show of 2013. We could sit around all day arguing the merits or flaws of Netflix as a television network, and whether you should binge-watch shows or parse them out over a few months. But when a show is as good as Orange Is the New Black, it really doesn’t matter how you watch it; what’s important is that you do watch it.

With about 5:45 remaining, we wrapped up talking about the very fun, very exciting Pacific Rim. Andy hadn’t seen it yet, but don’t worry, with our neural handshake we were able to share my memories of the robots vs. monsters action. Catch our drift!

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