Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: House of Cards, Summer Disaster Movies

House of CardsIt turns out that Chris Ryan and I are slow bingers. One month after the entire first season of House of Cards was dumped onto Netflix’s servers like a half-rack of ribs at Freddy’s, we finally managed to digest all 13 episodes. If we held back in the watching, though, we certainly didn’t in the discussing: We attacked this thing like Frank Underwood sinking his teeth into a side of Freddy’s delicious slaw, breaking down everything from the feng shui of free-spirited photographers and the gravity-altering intensity of Robin Wright’s neck bones to the confounding mysteries of lady journalists and their backward-buttoning sweaters. All spoilers apply here, and we’re not talking about Major Dad knowing how to speak Chinese.

We stayed in the realm of politics but went widescreen for the next segment. Did you know that 2013 is bringing not one but two movies about terrorists taking over the White House? Chris and I are giddy about both Olympus Has Fallen (President Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler as John McClane) and White House Down (President Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum as stripping John McClane) (33:50). Finally, we shared some recent musical favorites, including a new(ish) EP by Blink 182, an amazing pop album by Tegan and Sara, and a stunning surprise from Waxahatchee. If you believe in the future of the Philadelphia waterfront or the importance of clean water in Botswana, you’ll do the right thing and listen.

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