Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Homeland, Lincoln, and Twee-Age Dreams

LincolnThe events of Sunday’s penultimate episode of Homeland (1:45) were too nuts to leave unexamined, so Chris Ryan and I hopped on our Skyping BlackBerrys early to discuss it. Yes, we addressed the myriad ways the show has gone loco and how it seems like there are only two possible outcomes for this weekend’s finale, one good and one definitely less so. But mostly we wanted to talk about how society — and the online gaming community of “Kuma Wars” — just won’t let Chris Brody live! After we tired ourselves out talking conspiracy theories and spilled milk, we moved to the cineplex, where we had a spirited congressional debate about Lincoln (24:45). We both loved Daniel Day-Lewis, but it seems like I was more Copperhead than Radical Republican.

Then we gave a shout-out to the fun ESPN Classic event (33:30) where you can vote on which documentaries they’ll air over an upcoming weekend. (The finalists were selected by me.) Vote now on Facebook!

And finally, because it makes Chris cranky, I made an antidote to our last hip-hop playlist. Ladies and (very gentle) men, may I present to you the softest mix of all time: all-twee everything! These are jangly songs, mostly English, about sad boys loving sadder girls. It’s not for everyone, but it might just be what Carrie Mathison needs this time next week. Time will tell!

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