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It’s approximately 7 a.m. in Los Angeles, California. You’re still in bed, working on your laptop, drinking a kale-date-almond smoothie and making Internet dreams happen on the pop culture blog you edit. Suddenly, a familiar tritone bing chimes from your iPhone on the bedside table.

> take iphone

You are now holding the iPhone.

A friend has alerted you to the following tweet:

> fav tweet

You have marked the tweet as a Favorite.

> RT tweet

The tweet has been retweeted on your account.

You are beginning to feel all the telltale signs of entertainment-related euphoria: increased heart rate, heightened emotions, a sudden need to type in all caps all the time. But you are also a professional and realize you need to verify this so-far-unsourced report.

> google “halt and catch fire s

Google autofills “halt and catch fire season two” from your search history.

A TV Line report with the headline ‘ Halt and Catch Fire Gets Season 2’ turns up first in the search results.

> copy link

The URL is now on your clipboard.

> send link cc entire Grantland Staff

Are you sure you want to do that? You will be emailing several of your coworkers who do not care about the fate of the television series Halt and Catch Fire, and a few, including your boss, who have been actively, publicly rooting against it.

> send link cc entire Grantland Staff

The email has been sent.

> write dumb, gloating blog post

The blog post has been written.


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