‘Game of Thrones’ Has Released a Season 4 Preview Video. You’ll Never Believe How Long It Is. (14 Minutes.)


Fourteen minutes and 30 seconds of Game of Thrones Season 4 preview? Block off some time. You’re worth it. Tyrion’s worth it. The dragons (they’re getting so big!) are worth it.

And, most important, Jon Snow’s description of the stand-in for his CGI dire wolf as a “big green sausage dummy shoved in your face you have to treat like your lifelong pet” is worth it. Forget the snuggling, it’s now impossible not to picture a big green sausage dummy tearing out Joffrey’s throat. Not that it will happen this year, but we should be allowed our own fantasies without judgment. Fine, make it two big green sausage dummies. You want to make sure the job gets done.

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