The First Lady Won’t Waste Time Visiting Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’

I’m still a little uncertain Will Smith will give The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the explosive opening night it deserves, but here’s something: Michelle Obama now has a visit scheduled for February 20, which is also during the show’s first week. Fallon and the First Lady have Late Night history together, having chatted a couple times about Let’s Move, her health and fitness initiative. Maybe we’ll get a new Jimmy-training-in-the–White House montage.

HBO’s greataxe (sorry, catching up on Game of Thrones — sooooo gooooood) struck Christopher Guest and Stephen Merchant in one fell swoop, canceling Hello Ladies and Family Tree.

Hugh Jackman will indeed play Blackbeard in Pan.

More great work from TMZ: “JUSTIN BIEBER: HIS PEOPLE SAY PSYCHOTHERAPY IS BEST HOPE.” (Who are his “people”? Canadians?)

Been awhile since we’ve stumbled upon a quality supercut together, huh? Good thing Larry David’s here to break the streak with a compendium of insults and heinously inappropriate remarks. [via]

Enjoy a hot new slew of House of Cards Season 2 pics.

Speaking of Fake Washington: Sharon Stone will play the vice-president in TNT’s Agent X, a new action-drama from Bourne Identity screenwriter William Blake Herron.

It’sThe Greatest Event in Television History’s fourth installment! They did Bosom Buddies this time, and Tom Hanks and Billy Joel made appearances.

Someone walked to the end of the world. (The Minecraft world.)

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandbergh’s 2013 book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead is being adapted for the big screen.

Ted Leo and Aimee Mann have an album under the moniker the Both coming soon. Give one of their songs a listen at Rolling Stone.

And if this Lego Movie featurette is too cutesy for you, head straight to 1:30, when the stars start poking fun at themselves. Morgan Freeman freely discusses the “golden” voice of Morgan Freeman — then says “Mmmm, just listen to that rich molasses.”
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