Colin Jost Is the New ‘Weekend Update’ Cohost at ‘SNL’

After only two more episodes, Seth Meyers will leave the Saturday Night Live corridors for Late Night. Assuming Meyers’s duties at the “Weekend Update” desk alongside Cecily Strong will be SNL’s head writer, Colin Jost. Back in 2005, the 22-year-old former Harvard Lampoon president was one of SNL’s youngest hires. We can’t celebrate the news without noting Jost’s shiniest credential, however: He has written for Drunk Uncle.

Check out Jeff Bridges in The Giver!

It’s not that big of a deal that there’ll be a new Young Money compilation and it’ll feature work from Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. What is a big deal is that they’re calling it Young Money: Rise of an Empire and it’s coming out within a week of 300: Rise of an Empire. Ha ha.

Watch Paul Thomas Anderson interview Martin Scorsese about The Wolf of Wall Street for a solid half-hour. (Head to SlashFilm for Parts 2 and 3.)

Exciting word from writer Brian K. Vaughan (SagaLostUnder the Dome): “It’s my understanding that the rights to Y: The Last Man will revert back to co-creator Pia Guerra and me for the first time in a decade if the planned New Line adaptation doesn’t start shooting in the next few months, so I expect there will be some Y news in 2014 either way.”

2.3 million people joined Netflix in the last quarter of 2013.

The “Spike Jonze’s Her, only with a different famous voice” parodies won’t end until they have to end. Today: Philip Seymour Hoffman. (The other day: Kim Cattrall’s Samantha from Sex and the City.)

Frozen is now big enough to have in-theater sing-alongs.

If this casting rumor checks out, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will debut his French accent when he plays high-wire artist Phillippe Petit, a.k.a. the guy from Man on Wire, the one who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974 without permission. Robert Zemeckis is directing.

Here’s a trailer for the new Eels album, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, due April 21.

Great quote from Mick Jagger on why he won’t write a memoir, à la Keef: “If someone wants to know what I did in 1965, they can look it up on Wikipedia without even spending any money.”

HBO passes on a Sarah Silverman show.

And now you can watch Quentin Tarantino and Steve Buscemi rehearsing Reservoir Dogs, with QT in the Harvey Keitel role.

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