Afternoon Links: Walter White Pushes Preparation H in This Vintage Commercial

When I was auditioning for commercials, I once saw a poster that reminded the actors of how lucky they were to be there. I can’t remember the specifics of the math on this poster, but it outlined your odds of being called in for the role, and then your odds of getting a callback, and finally your very, very slim chances of booking the damn thing. In most actors’ lives, there comes a point when everything is resting on the shoulders of a TV ad: health insurance, the ability to quit waiting tables or canvassing the streets looking for donations to environmental organizations, the elusive screen time that could launch a career. With that said, here is Bryan Cranston in an early ’80s commercial for Preparation H, presumably around the time he was racking up early credits on soaps (Loving, One Life to Live). He always could play someone well-versed in chemistry — check out that hemorrhoid-soothing “oxygen action,” y’all!

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