Afternoon Links: Justin Bieber, the Urine Bucket, and the Cup

Justin BieberYou can really tell when an article (a term used loosely, because this piece is over at TMZ) is written by someone whose personal history has been marked by mopping a commercial floor. When Justin Bieber let his stream of magical pop-piss fly into a restaurant’s mop bucket, the author of this thing didn’t hold back. I sympathize. I sported the flair, and if I’d had to mop floors with urine, I would have felt saltier than a basket of breadsticks drizzled with the most umami honey mustard in the fast-casual land. One should put pee where pee goes — this is the first, and most important, step in avoiding widespread global anarchy. The second is to never spritz a photo of Bill Clinton with off-brand Windex. TREASON! Can we give Bieber a pass for stepping on the Blackhawks logo, though? Yahoo Sports has a pretty good point on why this is a low-grade criminal offense: Floor logos are a “stupid tradition. ‘Hey, let’s put a giant thing in the middle of a high-traffic area and not allow people to touch it.’ Dummies.”



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