Afternoon Links: Billie Joe Armstrong Is a Real Actor Now

Billie Joe Armstrong has been very busy since he completed treatment for substance abuse early last year: Green Day resumed its touring schedule, there are two Green Day documentaries in the works, and oh yeah, Armstrong just signed on to play Leighton Meester’s boyfriend in the “indie drama” (with an indie drama title) Like Sunday, Like Rain. Adam Sandler has an upcoming indie drama too, The Cobbler, but in the battle of sixth-grade school dance chart hits, “Hanukkah Song” stands no chance against anything from the Armstrong catalog. So, moving right along: Armstrong is 41 and Meester is 27, but no one curr in the comments on Deadline’s exclusive, because “OMIGOD BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG. OMIGOD. *BREATHE* DIES.”

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